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Smart instruments for optimising biogas plants - more energy out of feedstock and more efficienct operation.

Maximise the output from your energy plant


Process optimization in biogas plants

Being a commercial producer of biogas or bioethanol, you need reliable testing equipment that gives precise results, fast and with ease.

Bioprocess Control offers smart instruments that can help you optimise your biogas or bioethanol plant, alowing you to get more energy out of any feedstock and more efficienctly. You will more easily be able to determine the optimal retention time and substrate mix in order to maximise the energy output of your plant – and consequently increase your profits. 

For substrate providers, biogas and biomethane potential tests help set a value on the biomass you are offering as a potential feedstock. With our tests, uncertainties related to the value of a feedstock are reduced, allowing you to better price substrates according to their true energy content.

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AMPTS II Light – simplifies the selecting and pricing of substrates

The AMPTS II Light allows users to determine the biogas potential and dynamic degradation profile of any biomass substrate. This in turn will facilitate for users to select and price a substrate according to its true energy content of biomass, thus helping to ensure a good control of substrate economy for biogas plants.

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