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Investigate the biogas potential of organic waste and gain extra revenue as an energy producer.

Profit from your biological waste


Food & organic wastes for biogas production

As a farmer, food or beverage producer there is profit to be gained from exploiting an untapped revenue source – your biological waste.

With Bioprocess Control’s fast and accurate onsite instruments you can investigate the biogas potential of materials you would normally discard. 

By taking advantage of the potential of your waste, you can become self-reliant on biogas energy at your farm or production site and sell all excess energy. These benefits can be reaped for both full and part time biogas producers. 

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AMPTS II Light – simplifies the selecting and pricing of substrates

The AMPTS II Light allows users to determine the biogas potential and dynamic degradation profile of any biomass substrate. This in turn will facilitate for users to select and price a substrate according to its true energy content of biomass, thus helping to ensure a good control of substrate economy for biogas plants.

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