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DSM invests in Bioprocess Control AB to optimize biogas processes

DSM invests in Bioprocess Control AB to optimize biogas processes

DSM Venturing, the corporate venturing unit of Royal DSM N.V., today announces that it has made an equity investment in Bioprocess Control AB, a market leader in providing advanced control technologies and services that enable the efficient design and optimal operation of biogas processes. In addition to the investment, a strategic cooperation agreement has been signed which will enable DSM and Bioprocess Control AB to leverage their complementary activities in the area of biogas. Financial details will not be disclosed.

Bioprocess Control AB, based in Lund (Sweden), is an innovation-driven company with a strong portfolio of products that significantly improve both the design and operation of biogas plants. Its prize-winning product, Biogas OptimizerTM, is a process diagnosis, decision support and optimization application and an advanced advisory service that can allow biogas producers to reach the upper limits of their production capacity and stabilize the biogas process, providing for both increased revenues and process savings at their customers’ sites.

Rob van Leen, Chief Innovation Officer of DSM, said: “We look forward to working with Bioprocess Control to optimize the production efficiency of biogas processes. Our combined technologies will considerably increase the performance of biogas plants, resulting in additional economic value for the biogas producers. Our cooperation is an important next step in this emerging but fast expanding market.”

Kristofer Cook, CEO of Bioprocess Control AB, comments: “Having DSM as a strategic partner and investor at this stage of the company’s development is a perfect fit. Bioprocess will now have the resources to expand its business activities and provide its products and services to commercial biogas producers in several key markets, as well as strengthen its product portfolio by offering a complementary technology that will further increase the profitability of its customers.”

Biogas is produced by anaerobic fermentation of biodegradable materials such as manure, green waste, sewage sludge and energy crops. It can be used to generate electricity and as a low-cost fuel for any heating purpose.

Driven by climate change and alternative energy initiatives, the market for production and optimization of biogas-related processes will become significant in the coming years. Building on its heritage of more than a century in biotechnology, DSM is rapidly establishing a leading position in this field through its DSM Biogas unit, which offers a full technology and service package to optimize the production efficiency of the biogas process.

The investment in Bioprocess Control brings DSM Venturing’s portfolio of current, direct investments to a total of 16.

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About DSM Venturing

DSM Venturing is an active investor in start-up companies, which create innovative products and services in Life Sciences and Materials Sciences that contribute to the quality of life. DSM Venturing's mission is to explore emerging markets and technologies in order to support DSM's innovation and growth strategy. Besides financial support, DSM Venturing supports the start-up companies with DSM’s knowledge, resources and networks in order to establish mutual benefits and learnings. To DSM, venturing is an integral part of DSM’s open innovation approach, focused on teaming up with innovative players all over the world. More information: www.dsm-venturing.com.

About Bioprocess Control

Bioprocess Control AB (www.bioprocesscontrol.com) is a privately held company based in Lund, Sweden and technology and market leader in providing advanced intrumentation and control technologies for research and commercial applications in the commercial biogas industry. The company was founded in 2006, bringing to market close to 15 years of industry leading research in the area of instrumentation, control and automation of anaerobic digestion processes.

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