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"There are many instruments and methods on the market, but none are standardised the way the BioReactor Simulator and the other products from Bioprocess Control are. They provide market unique standardised system and methods, which makes it easy to compare results."

Bjarne Uller, Senior Technology Specialist in Dong Energy


" saves time by enabling quick and automatic batch experiments with very little manual labour, and that it is “student proof”, because the instrument does not require long experience or training before you start using it."

Aurelien Perrault, Project Manager, Sludge & Energy Innovation, Thames Water, UK

"...the automation of the test minimises human errors, makes data collection more frequent than manual methods, and reduces operator time allowing more time for performing alternate tasks."

Bernadette McCabe, University of Southern Queensland, Australia

"...the AMPTS II significantly improves the efficiency and accuracy of BMP tests compared to traditional methods."

Bing Li, Environmental Protection Research Institute of Light Industry, China

"... thank you all for the AMPTS II training course I attended this week. It was an extremely informative, well organised, and interesting two days. I have returned to the UK with lots of new ideas about how I can improve the efficiency in using of our AMPTS II analysers. It was also great to meet all of you in person, and the other users of your products. I loved visiting Lund. What a beautiful part of the world, I think I will definitely be planning my next holiday in Sweden!"

AMPTS II Customer, Research Assistant, UK

"...the AMPTS II saves labour and time, and enables us to repeat experiment conditions to ensure accurate BMP test results."

Qihuan Tian, Huazhong Agricultural University, China

"...the AMPTS II is the key piece of equipment for Digester Doc, as this equipment is used in determining current and potential energy values as well as in other troubleshooting activities. Digester Doc’s clients get help to identify the most suitable bacterial or mineral innoculants and feedstocks wisely, and potentially get at least 25% additional energy values out of their facilities. One of our many success stories is New Energy One, LLC in Idaho, where they were able to double production in just three months due to the AMPTS II usage."

Will Charlton, President, Digester Doc, USA

"We frequently use the AMPTS II, which reduces our labour demands and provides more accurate data compared to traditional methods."

Yi Liu, Ministry of Agriculture, China

"...the AMPTS II significantly reduces labour demands and enables our students to more efficiently utilize time during class. The setup of the AMPTS II system is easy to follow and it's a powerful tool for demonstrating and teaching anaerobic digestion processes in both undergraduate and postgraduate courses."

Xundong Liu, Tsinghua-SUEZ Environnement Environmental Science and Engineering Experiment and Practice Educational Laboratory, China

"...with automatic data logging and the possibility to control the mixing speed, the AMPTS II enables a high level of reproducibility, which helps reduce our labour demands."

Xin Kong, School of Environment, Tsinghua University, China

"...the AMPTS II is a fantastic instrument, we use it constantly at Hanze University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands), actually I have a presentation at the EUBCE in Stockholm where I will be presenting the talking about balancing the supply & demand of renewable Energy. Our AMPTS II has played a big part in providing us with a lot of reliable data…"

Gert Hofstede, Lecture at ALIFE- Research Centre Renewable Energy - ILST, Hanze University Groningen, The Netherlands


"We use AMPTS II for both sales process and technical process optimization. The biomethane potential test performed with AMPTS II can provide useful data to demonstrate benefits of Cambi thermal hydrolysis technology for sludge pre-treatment before anaerobic digestion. This allows our clients to evaluate the possible return of investment on implementation of Cambi thermal hydrolysis treatment in wastewater treatment plants."

Mr. Stefan Sandbacka, Vice President of Business Development at Cambi Group, Norway

"...the AMPTS II reduces our labour demands substantially and is reliable when comparing experiment results."

Yangyang Li, School of Environment, Tsinghua University, China