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Smart analytical instrument for biogas laboratories

Find the most efficient production pathway

Smart analytical instrument for biogas laboratories

Instrument for biogas laboratories

As a lab manager or technician working in the biogas field you need reliable instruments to find the most efficient and profitable biogas and biomethane production pathway.

Bioprocess Control’s smart testing instruments allow you to understand the rate and potential at which organic substrates produce biogas. This in turn can help you make the right choices in selecting and pricing substrates. You can find new and previously unexploited substrates such as agricultural and industrial residues as well as other low degradable substrates.

With our technologies, you can also identify the best pre-treatment method, substrate mixture for co-digestion, or need for additional nutrients to accelerate the anaerobic digestion process. This in turn will allow you to optimise your process and increase your biogas production.

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AMPTS II – methane potential analysis made easier

The Automatic Methane Potential Test System (AMPTS) II allows users to determine the true biochemical methane potential and dynamic degradation profile of any biomass substrate. This in turn will allow users to more easily determine the optimal retention time and mix of substrates for co-digesting, screen proper pre-treatment methods, and evaluate the need for additives.

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AMPTS II – methane potential  analysis made easier

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