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New plastic lid for CO2 trap

Article no: 01-0203-01

Bioprocess Control's newly developed plastic reactor lids for AMPTS II and AMPTS II Light is the ideal replacement for the rubber stopper.

  • The new lid is user friendly and can be easily mounted on the reactor without using much force and any lubricant
  • It is autoclavable, which supports a broad set of applications
  • The lid is made of engineering plastic with special rubber sealing on three sides, so the design is not only much nicer but it is also more durable
  • There are two gas ports and one additional port that can be used to connect a tube inside the reactor or bottle.


Rubber stopper with 2 metal tubes - discontinued

Article no: 01-0203-01

Accessory for:
AMPTS II (carbon dioxide absorption unit)
AMPTS II Light (carbon dioxide absorption unit)

Please note: the rubber stopper has been discontinued and replaced by the much more user friendly plastic lid