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The Automatic Methane Potential Test System (AMPTS) II allows users to conduct anaerobic toxicity assays and determine the true biochemical methane potential (biomethane potential) and dynamic degradation profile of any biomass substrate.

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AMPTS II LightSimplify the selection and pricing of substrates

The AMPTS II Light is a well-engineered instrument developed for biogas plant operators for the rapid evaluation of biogas potential from various biomass substrates. The AMPTS II Light allows users to determine the biogas potential and dynamic degradation profile of any biomass substrate.

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µFlowLow gas flow measurements made easy

The µFlow is a compact and elegant instrument for measuring ultra-low gas flows with high precision. The µFlow has been designed for the on-line, real-time monitoring of all inert and slightly aggressive gases, over a wide detection range and for most indoor laboratory scale applications.

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BioReactor Simulator

BioReactor SimulatorDiscover the value of biogas simulation

The BioReactor Simulator is a universal biogas simulation platform for simulating at laboratory scale anaerobic fermentation processes in a continuous mode of operation. The system is controlled by a web-based software running on an efficient cloud computing solution accessible from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection.

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What more can we offer?

Process Simulation Service

The Process Simulation service can be carried out for both existing biogas plants and plants still at the design stage. It provides designers and plant operators with insight regarding the degradation efficiency of a biogas digester and under what process conditions biogas production and waste handling can be optimised, operational savings can be maximised, and sludge volumes minimised.

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Substrate Analysis Service

This service can be carried out on an existing substrate or a new substrate needing further investigation. The Substrate Analysis service focuses on better understanding the dynamic characteristics of a substrate during its degradation, and thus provides insight regarding the optimum retention time and mixture of substrates for maximising reactor utilisation and profits. It can also be used to evaluate the effect of pre-treatment technologies and co-digestion techniques.

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Training course

Get the most out of your system! Bioprocess Control is committed to giving you support and training to expand your knowledge base in the biogas field. We offer training in a variety of ways to fit your needs.

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Our latest training course on biogas testing equipment!

Our first training course of the year on biogas testing equipment was held in Lund, Sweden between the 2nd and 3rd of March.


Training Course for performing BMP tests

Our 2-day in-depth training on practical Biochemical Methane Potential (BMP) tests was held in Lund, Sweden between the 1st and 2nd of December.


Bioprocess Control made trade show appearance at Venice Symposium 2016

The sixth edition of the Venice Symposium explored the latest innovations in technologies for energy recovery from organic waste.


About us


To become a global leader in offering technologies and services that support efficient biogas research, as well as the improved operation of biogas plants & processes, thereby helping to bring efficient biogas production to the masses.


To bring to market innovative advanced instrumentation and control technologies that allow for more efficient biogas research and an improved operation of biogas plants and processes.


We believe that having the right tools is essential to optimising the production of biogas. We have therefore developed a unique lineup of easy to use products that saves time and provide the accurate data you need for the best results.

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