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Plastic can be more fantastic
if it´s degradable

Analyse more and more professionally to make the most out of nature

Use our automated equipment based on gas measurements to study and evaluate the technical specification for anaerobic biodegradability analyses of biodegradable plastics or other polymer materials (e.g. packaging materials). It’s how you meet the future research and industrial demands on developing new bio-based & biodegradable bioplastics and polymers.

Gas Endeavour® is an automated platform which provides efficient and accurate data analyses geared towards fast biodegradability of plastics and any other polymer materials.

The instrument lets you quickly conduct standardised tests to evaluate the biodegradation of bioplastic materials and to develop strategies to increase the biodegradation rate of commercially available bioplastics using an anaerobic digestion process. Gas Endeavour® is based on high-throughput screening assay with minimised workload demand.

– a novel tool for anaerobic and aerobic biodegradability assays

The Gas Endeavour® is a novel platform for analysing low gas volume and flow whenever there is a demand for high accuracy and precise measurements. The instrument can be used for research and industrial applications relating to: compostability, other aerobic biodegradability analyses  with significant improvement of efficiency and data quality while reducing operational time, analyses cost, labour and being less dependent on individual laboratory skill.

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