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Discover bacterial activity in your Anammox process

Succesfully start up and operate Anammox process for nitrogen removal

The Anammox (Anaerobic Ammonium Oxidation) process has great potential for removing ammonia nitrogen in wastewater. The bacteria transform ammonium and nitrogen dioxide into nitrogen gas and water. This saves on costs as less energy for aeration and no organic carbon sources are required. Regularly measuring Anammox bacteria is key to giving you an early warning when changes in the process occur. BPC’s smart instruments enable easy and accurate assessment of anammox activity, giving you deeper knowledge and experience in operating a wastewater treatment plant. Applications include:
  • Better insight into the start-up phase and bacterial growth phase
  • Monitor continuous functionality of the Anammox process at industrial scale
  • An early warning system which enables operators to act on time

– a novel tool for process optimisation of wastewater treatment

The Gas Endeavour® is a novel platform for analysing low gas volume and flow whenever there is a demand for high accuracy and precise measurements. The instrument can be used for research and industrial applications relating to: evaluation of microbial communities such as Specific Anammox Activity (SAA), wastewater, animal nutrition, aerobic and anaerobic respiration, bioethanol fermentation, greenhouse gas emission and more.

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