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Accurate, precise low gas volume and flow analysis for any gas type

Gas Endeavour®

- analytical platform for biodegradability, digestibility and respirometry analysis

Gas Endeavour® is designed to accurately and precisely measure low gas volume and flow for any type of gas production or consumption from biological respiration or fermentation processes. Fully integrated and automatic, Gas Endeavour® saves time and labour in performing analysis, leading to more efficient research and more profitable production. It is the perfect analytical instrument for research and industrial applications, including animal nutrition, wastewater, ethanol fermentation, hydrogen production, biodegradability analysis, greenhouse gas emissions, evaluating microbial communities and more.

Article no: 12-0000-02

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Test equipment for biodegradability, digestibility and respirometry analysis

Gas Endeavour® offers you:

  • Modular design for easy upgrade and maintenance
  • Simultaneously measures gas volume, flow and possible main composition in real-time
  • Fully integrated and automated system for sampling, recording, and generating reports
  • Flexible system configuration with two different measuring resolutions
  • User-friendly operation with remote access
A fully automated respirometer

Automated processes to reduce costs

Gas Endeavour® is developed for online measurements of low gas flows from any gas-displacing process at laboratory scale. Simple to use and easy to learn, this automated analytical procedure significantly reduces labour and skill demands compared to competitive solutions.

Compare results from around the world

Gas Endeavour® standardises measurement procedures, data interpretation and reporting by using standard protocols and connections. Different laboratories around the world can easily compare results, and view them on any device, computer, tablet, or smartphone, anywhere.

Gas Endeavour Software Control page
Modular gas measuring device for gas composition analysis

Extract high quality data in real-time

Satisfying the highest demands for data accuracy and precision, Gas Endeavour® produces high-quality data in real-time for extracting important kinetic information. This gives you a much better understanding of your processes.

Software for online data monitoring

Modular system that expands to your demands

Gas Endeavour® works as a stand-alone unit and can easily be expanded by connecting multiple instruments with a network switch. This modular approach enables flexible system set-up, easy upgrading options and simple maintenance.

Gas volume and flow measurement with different resolutions

Compensates for temperature and pressure

Real-time temperature and pressure compensation minimise the impact of measurement conditions and standardise data presentation.

CO2 Absorption Unit

Automatically removes over- and underestimation

If a flush gas with a different gas composition from the gas-displacing process is used to establish initial headspace gas conditions, the impact of the flush gas may lead to over- or under measurement of target gas. This is taken care of by the Gas Endeavour® software application which calculates and removes this over- or underestimation, providing for more accurate and reliable data.

Gas Endeavour Excel report

Stable, reliable operation

Gas Endeavour® software runs on an embedded ARM CPU to give unmatched stability, data protection and minimum downtime. The web-based software application makes setting up and monitoring experiments very easy.

Incubator with 15 batch reactors

Total control throughout the experiment

Get optimal control of all reactors and batch experiments at all times with a simple click of a button from the software user interface. All values displayed are already adjusted for gas volumes normalised to 1 atmospheric pressure, 0 oC, and zero moisture content.

Gas Endeavour® Image Gallery


Scientific reference on in-vitro digestibility for monogastrics

Article title: “Investigating the potential of different dietary fibers to simulate butyrate production in vitro

Author: Pierre Celestin Muragijeyezu
Thesis (2020), Swedish University University of Parma (Italy), Department of Medicine and Veterinary Sciences

Gas Endeavour® was used as an automated in-vitro system for evaluate the potential of dietary fibres to simulate butyrate production in the gut of pigs (hindgut fermentation in monogastric animals). The in-vitro test duration often lasts 24 hours.


Scientific reference on in-vitro digestibility assay for ruminants

Article title: “Evaluation of additives capable to improve ruminal fermentations through the use of an automated gas production system”

Athour: B. Matteo
Thesis (2020), University of Parma (Italy), Department of Medicine and Veterinary Sciences

Gas Endeavour® was used as an automated gas measuring system for conducting an in-vitro digestibility study for feed additives in ruminal fermentation. The instrument allows simultaneously simulating and continuously monitoring the physiological rumen movements in 15 testing flasks using a substrate quantity of 2-8 g dry sample or about 20 grams of fresh forage, depending on the intrinsic characteristics of each substrate.


Scientific reference of in-vitro fermentation assay for human

Article title: “Valorization of Brewer’s spent grain to prebiotic oligosaccharide: Production, xylanase catalyzed hydrolysis, in-vitro evaluation with probiotic strains and in a batch human fecal fermentation model”

Authors: Mursalin Sajib, Peter Falck, Roya R.R. Sardari, Sindhu Mathew, Carl Grey, Eva Nordberg Karlsson, Patrick Adlercreutz

Journal of Biotechnology (2018) 268, 61-70

Biotechnology, Department of Chemistry, Lund University (Sweden)

Gas Endeavour® was used as an automated in-vitro fermentation system in the establishment of a batch fermentation model using human fecal cultures. The duration of in-vitro test lasts over 48 hours and the volume of gas released from the fermentation can be monitored continuously for kinetic data analyses.

Customer reviews

What People Say

…the automation of the test minimises human errors, makes data collection more frequent than manual methods, and reduces operator time allowing more time for performing alternate tasks.

University of Southern Queensland, Australia

…it saves time by enabling quick and automatic batch experiments with very little manual labour, and that it is “student proof”, because the instrument does not require long experience or training before you start using it.

Project Manager, Sludge & Energy Innovation, Thames Water, UK


Gas Endeavour brochure

Gas Endeavour®

Learn more about Gas Endeavour®.
Gas Endeavour user manual

Operation and Maintenance Manual

Gas Endeavour®

Tech Specifications

Incubator with 15 batch reactors

Sample incubation unit with mechanical agitation

Maximum number of reactors per system: 15
Reactor material: glass
Reactor volume: 500 ml (standard), 1000 ml (optional)
Dimension of unit: 57 x 34 x 27 cm
Temperature control: up to 95 oC (203 oF) (precision of 0.2 oC)
Mixing of reactors: Multifunctional agitation system with brushless DC motors for life-long operation. Remote speed and on/off control via Gas Endeavour® software control interface. Manually adjustable direction and time interval, as well as timer function to set time periods for reversal. Modular design for low maintenance. Rotating speed range: 10-200 rpm

Please refer to the accessories section for the individual article numbers of components in the sample incubation unit.

Incubator anaerobic digestion in batch mode

Sample incubation unit with shaking (optional)

Maximum number of reactors per system: 15
Reactor material: glass
Standard reactor volume: 250 ml
Dimension of unit: 57 x 34 x 27 cm
Dimension of tray insert: 44 x 26 x 7 cm
Temperature control: up to 95 oC (203 oF) (precision of 0.2 oC)
Mixing: Shaking tray insert in the water bath, linear mode of shaking. Maximum speed up to 200 rpm, depending on load in bath. Manually adjustable shaking speed and on/off control present in the water bath.

Please refer to the accessories section for the individual article numbers of components in the sample incubation unit.

CO2 Absorption Unit

Ex-situ gas absorption unit

Gas absorption bottles: 15
Bottle material: glass
Bottle volume: 100 ml
Dimension of unit: 44 x 30 x 6 cm
Absorption liquid: depending on gas to be removed. For CO2 removal: 3 M NaOH with pH indicator, 80 ml per bottle (not included)
Absorption efficiency: > 98% (CO2 removal with 3 M NaOH solution)

Please refer to the accessories section for the individual article numbers of components in the gas absorption unit.

Flow cell array and DAQ unit

Working principle: Liquid displacement and buoyancy; Up to 15 independent gas flow measurement units and built-in sensors for real-time temperature and pressure compensation.
Single gas measurement: measurement for 15 test vessels in parallel
Double gas measurement (i.e., total gas and one specific gas component, such as methane): measurement for 7 test vessels in parallel
Measurement resolution: 2 or 9 ml
Detection capacity: up to 200 l cumulative gas for each batch test for 2 ml flow cell and up to 900 l cumulative gas for each batch test for 9 ml flow cell.
Measuring range: 0.2 to 1500 ml/h* for 2 ml flow cell and 1 to 6000 ml/h* for 9 ml flow cell
Dimension: 51 x 26 x 17 cm
Housing: aluminium and plastic
Repeatability: CV ≤ 1%


* Lower range limit refers to measurement of gases with low solubility in water (e.g. N2, CH4, O2, CH4, H2)


Article no: 12-0201-02

Gas Endeavour gas volume measuring device

Software & System

  • User friendly web-based software running on an embedded server, with no need of pre-installation on pc, tablet or smartphone
  • On-line real-time gas flow and volume display
  • Automatic real-time pressure and temperature compensation
  • Extended measurement linearity for high gas flow analysis
  • Real-time gas flow and volume normalisation
  • Algorithm to avoid over- or underestimation of gas flow and volume (that may be introduced by flush gas during experiment setup)
  • Possibility of multiplexing, allowing for simultaneous batch analysis at different start-up times
  • Online system logger for operational diagnosis

Power supply: 12 V DC / 5A (Flow cell array and DAQ unit), 24 V DC / 2.7A (mechanical agitation)

Usage: indoor


For more information please refer to the user manual.