Sample incubation unit with mechanical agitation

Sample incubation unit with mechanical agitation

Maximum number of reactors per system: 15
Reactor material: glass
Reactor volume: 500 ml (standard), 1000 ml (optional)
Dimension of unit: 57 x 34 x 27 cm
Temperature control: up to 95 oC (203 oF) (precision of 0.2 oC)
Mixing of reactors: Multifunctional agitation system with brushless DC motors for life-long operation. Remote speed and on/off control via Gas Endeavour® software control interface. Manually adjustable direction and time interval, as well as timer function to set time periods for reversal. Modular design for low maintenance. Rotating speed range: 10-200 rpm

Please refer to the accessories section for the individual article numbers of components in the sample incubation unit.