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Smart instruments for biotechnology related applications

allow for more efficient, reliable & high-quality research and analysis

Gas Endeavour

The Gas Endeavour allows users to measure low gas volume and flow whenever there is a demand for highly accurate and precise measurements. The instrument can be used for research and industrial applications related to animal nutrition, wastewater, ethanol fermentation, hydrogen production, greenhouse gas emissions, evaluation of microbial communities and their activity, and more.

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Gas Endeavour

AMPTS IIDiscover the benefits

The Automatic Methane Potential Test System (AMPTS) II allows users to conduct anaerobic toxicity assays and determine the true biochemical methane potential (biomethane potential) and dynamic degradation profile of any biomass substrate.

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µFlowLow gas flow measurements made easy

The µFlow is a compact and elegant instrument for measuring ultra-low gas flows with high precision. The µFlow has been designed for the on-line, real-time monitoring of all inert and slightly aggressive gases, over a wide detection range and for most indoor laboratory scale applications.

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What more can we offer?

Substrate Analysis Service

This service can be carried out on an existing substrate or a new substrate needing further investigation. The Substrate Analysis service focuses on better understanding the dynamic characteristics of a substrate during its degradation, and thus provides insight regarding the optimum retention time and mixture of substrates for maximising reactor utilisation and profits. It can also be used to evaluate the effect of pre-treatment technologies and co-digestion techniques.

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Training course

Get the most out of your system! Bioprocess Control is committed to giving you support and training to expand your knowledge base in the biogas field. We offer training in a variety of ways to fit your needs.

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Responding to the business impacts of coronavirus (COVID-19)

In addition to the serious implications for people's health and the healthcare systems, coronavirus (COVID-19) is having a significant impact on businesses and the economy. At Bioprocess Control, we have taken every precaution in terms of hygiene and social distancing in order to create a safe working environment for our staffs, so our customer will receive the same level of service you expect from us.


Increasing scientific publications of our innovative instruments in new application sectors

Traditionally the main application area of Bioprocess Control’s instruments was determination of methane potential of organic substrates. We see a growing trend of publications focused, besides biogas sector, on new application areas such as anaerobic biodegradability of bioplastic packaging materials, bioethanol production, dark fermentation for biohydrogen production, or in-vitro gas production for feed evaluation.


AMPTS - A Brief History by Dr. Jing Liu

It’s been 10 years since the AMPTS instrument first came onto the market and in that time, it has become our flagship product with almost a thousand units sold in over 60 countries. It’s become the first-line measuring device at numerous biogas plants as well as esteemed educational institutions around the world such as Stanford University, Lund University, University of Seoul and the University of Luxembourg.


About us


To become a global leader in low gas flow analytical instruments for a broad range of research and commercial applications across multiple industries.


To bring to market innovative low gas flow analytical instruments that allow for more efficient and higher quality research and analysis, leading to significant reductions in time and labour.


We believe that having the correct tools is essential for increasing productivity, optimising personnel resources, and improving knowledge sharing at work. We have therefore developed a unique line-up of easy to use smart instruments that not only save time and labour, but also improve productivity and quality of work.